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It is advisable that you prayerfully and meditatively read the text first

TEXT: MICAH 2:6-13.
🔑KEY VERSE “If a man walking in the spirit and falsehood do lie, saying, I will prophesy unto thee of wine and of strong drink; he shall even be the prophet of this people.” (MICAH 2:11).

Detecting counterfeit money is quite a challenge, because the imitation looks so much like the original. Members of the American Banking Association train tellers never to look at a counterfeit bill. All they do day after day, is handle authentic currency until they are so familiar with the true currency that they cannot possibly be fooled with the false. This is the way we should handle the matter of false prophets.

From our text, Prophet Micah was consistent in his fearless message against the evils in society. He decried the plan to shut up the true prophets so that counterfeit prophecy would prevail. He warned of the futility of patronising prophets who give false hopes and assurances of God’s presence, when in effect He was angry with His people. The mockery of the honourable office of the prophet continued to the extent that prophets who prophesied of wine and strong drinks were well accepted as ministers of God. Micah told them it would all end in bitterness and regret when judged by God.

During Micah’s day, Israel’s spiritual condition had fallen to the lowest level that they could no longer discern between the original and the counterfeit. The result of their error in judgment was devastating. Perhaps, they actually chose to listen to the false prophets because their message was very comfortable.

The same situation is prevalent today as we approach the end of the age. The pulpit is packed with counterfeit preachers who are ready to compromise God’s word in order to fill their church pews with a large congregation. It takes proper discernment to separate the chaff from the wheat and the original from the counterfeit. We must be very watchful about the kind of preachers and pastors we allow to influence us, as we prepare for the imminent return of Christ.

✍THOUGHT FOR THE DAY Make your choices carefully. Counterfeits abound!



Lessons from a conversation between God and Israel

  1. Truth is bitter but no better alternative
    a. Israel to the prophets: Prophesy no more to us.
    b. God’s response to Israel: If you don’t allow them to prophesy the truth to you, shame and disgrace will be your end, v6.
    Q How does this apply to you? Do you love the truth and true prophets even though their messages are inconvenient for your ego, self and flesh?
  2. Divine messages, though bitter, are beneficial
    a. Israel’s complaints: Is God an impatient God? Are those hard and judgmental messages from Him?
    b. God’s response: My words does good to those who walk uprightly and never evil, v7.
    Q What is your own mindset about God’s commandments?
  3. Summary of God’s demand: love your neighbour as yourself
    a. God to Israel: You have turn yourself to be my enemy.
    b. Israel to God: How?
    c. God to Israel: You forcefully steal away the garments of those passing bye; you oppressed the vulnerable women and expose their children to sufferings and shame, vv8,9.
    Q Can you reflect on our attitudes as individuals, church or nation to the vulnerable, poor and weak?
  4. There is no rest to the wicked
    a. God’s verdict to Israel: It is a concluded matter. There is no peace and rest for you in this polluted land. Your experience henceforth will be destructions and devastations. The alternative of mercy is to follow your captives and leave the accursed land, v10.
    b. Further observation of God: You are so perverse to the point that you prefer a prophet that will lie to you, deceive you and preach permissiveness on the pretext of grace, v11.
    c. God further affirmed: I will deliver you later in the future after you have suffered severely for your sins since you lack repentance, vv11-13.
    Q What do you learn about God and His justice in this conversation?

Prayer points
Give praises to God for His divine condescension in communicating with man🙏
Ask for the heart that truly loves neighbours in action🙏
Ask that the spirit of true and practical love will rule the hearts of all members🙏
Pray that God will deal with this nation in mercy and not in wrath for we are all guilty🙏

HYMN Have you any room for Jesus?

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