EKO News is a digital, donor funded non-profit and non-partisan news platform that covers a full range of news topics from Lagos and beyond.


Our public sector newsroom informs Lagosions and engages with them about public policy, politics, government, statewide issues and things that matter to the people of Lagos.

We cover pretty much every line in the state budget, including roads and infrastructure, health care, education, science and technology, human rights, youth development, gender, energy, poverty alleviation, the environment, water, transportation and security.

EKO News vision is to become the most authoritative source for providing user-friendly public information in Lagos.

Our reporters and tech team collaborate to present a full picture for readers, giving them the tools to be more thoughtful, productive and engaged citizens.


EKO News hosts live events at which public officials, policy workers and newsmakers answer for the work they’re doing. Events are often available via livestream video, for those who can’t attend in person. Following the conversation, we publish and archive video online.

Our signature annual event, The EKO News Festival (EKO Festival) is poised to become one of the Lagos’ largest, most buzzworthy annual gatherings and is expected to attract thousands of attendees to learn about Lagos’ biggest challenges and to engage in thoughtful discussion about their respective solutions. Decision-makers, industry leaders and community activists from near and far come to take part in our events.

Who Funds Us?

As an ethical digital media and journalism initiative of Ibile Foundation, a non-profit, citizen sector social welfare organization, promoting the common good and general well-being of the people of Lagos and citizens engagement, EKO News is supported by individual contributions and membership.

Click here to join gifts, corporate sponsorships, events and foundation grants.

Donors and members subscribe to EKO News’ believe that promoting greater civic engagement and informed discourse is a direct route to a better and more productive Lagos.

They play no role in guiding the journalism produced by EKO News or the planning and execution of events.

When it comes to our donors and sponsors, EKO News is committed to full transparency. We provide current year and all-time totals including both pledged and received gifts. Amounts listed are updated regularly. If you have a question, please contact us.

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